Visit Benidorm in an innovative and fun way! Benidorm Tours will fulfil your expectations. On our tours you will know everything that concerns this Mediterranean city, starting from its beaches reaching old town,visiting the most important monuments and squares. The most recognised streets and famous TV series shooting places. Geological and historical facts a part of incredible legends about Benidorm city.

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Benidorm to many people equates with a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah, full of lager-crazed youths on a 15-day bender; stags and hens sleeping all day, drinking and fornicating all night.

Obviously if you go looking for it then you will find plenty of evidence that such activity takes place, but its mostly in the area known as ‘The Square’ where you will more than likely encounter that sort of behaviour. But there is another Benidorm; a very Spanish resort, that actually has a lot of history and its a great place to family holiday and has something to offer everyone young and old.

Benidorm Tours offers you a possibility to discover other Benidorm full of legends, incredible experiences, fun and a lot of joy on two wheels.

Howerboards & scooters

Ninebot Mini Pro

Max speed: 15km/h

Angular forehead not represents aggressiveness, but goes on with courage since on the road. Short stay is to set out again.  Shed light is telling myself, for the moment, the finish is important, but safety is more important for me and for you. Light version of Segway-Ninebot, responsive and very easy to ride. 

Ninebot E

Max speed: 15km/h

Light and thin magnesium aluminium alloy frame Sturdy, polished, scratch-proof and colourfast shell made of nano mixed materials. The tone of white and orange represents sporty and joyful elements. Premium quality and trendy design make you stylish. Stylish and Premium. Carefully-crafted exterior Represent ergonomic design notion.